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Ahmadinejad v. Mottaki

In Uncategorized on December 14, 2010 at 12:51 pm

“Iran’s president abruptly fired his foreign minister Monday and named the nuclear chief as acting top diplomat, the latest sign of a rift at the top levels of the Islamic theocracy as the country faces intense pressure from the West over its nuclear program.”

Short story:
Long story:

“Iranian media have reported that lawmakers were pushing for Mottaki to be dismissed if more UN Security Council sanctions were imposed in response to the country’s nuclear program.

According to the reports, the lawmakers argued that Mottaki was not a strong or persuasive enough advocate for Iran on the international stage.”

Right, because it’s Mottaki who’s screwing things up for Iran on the international stage by not being persuasive, not Ahmadinejad, whom everyone believes, and possibly rightly so (I have no way of knowing for sure), is both crazy and dangerous.


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