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You’re My Motivation

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2010 at 5:42 pm

Over the course of the past 24 hours, I have realized something. Following the mission statement of Doostane Farsi Zabane Man isn’t really my main motivation for the time I put into this program. A mission statement is just a bunch of words strung together that describe something big in a little amount of space. So what’s my main motivation? The participants of the program.
It’s cool to be excited about your own idea, but that’s to be expected. It is, after all, your idea, so you’re supposed to think it’s good, or else it’s not worth anyone’s time. When others are excited about your idea, that’s even cooler, because it means your idea might be pretty good. When the participants are excited, though, that’s the coolest.
Yesterday, I talked to Farzad A., the vice chair of our Board of Directors and essentially my counterpart in Iran. He teaches English, and 6 or so of his students are participating in the program. One of his students sent a really amazing letter, and I told him I thought that. She’s apparently very excited to receive her pen pal’s response, and she even sent a video of herself. I heard from a mom in Maryland today who said that her sons, who are also participants, are really getting into it. One of them brought home a book about Persian culture from the library yesterday. The youngest, who is the only one who has received a letter so far, brought it into school to show his teacher and classmates. They all started reading some comics books about Rostam, from the Shahnameh, that I sent them. Other have expressed similar excitement.
When I see how excited the participants and even their parents get, it makes all the time and energy I put into this worthwhile. Not only is this program not a bad idea, but maybe it can actually work…

Amy Katuska
Program Director


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