Doostane Farsi Zabane Man

Theodor Hertzl

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 at 8:37 pm

“If you will it, it’s no dream.” -Theodor Hertzl

Theodor Herzl and I have very different thoughts on some subjects, but we have very similar thoughts on others (or, I have very similar thoughts as he did at this point in his life). He believed that the way to rid the world of anti-Semitism was to educate people and show them that Jews are just like everyone else. I believe that the way to rid the world of fear of and discrimination against Middle Easterners is by educating people and showing them that people from the Middle East are just like us. In fact, there is no “us,” because we are all the same in many, many ways.

Herzl believed in something with all his mind, heart, and soul, as do I. What we believe in may be different, but he was and we are committed to making something somewhat revolutionary happen. If you want something that seems impossible badly enough, it becomes possible.


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