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Quote of the day

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Peace is not the absence of war; it is a virtue; a state of mind; a disposition for benevolence; confidence; and justice.


Media for American Students

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We’re looking for suggestions for media to give the students, American students in particular. If you know of any good books, movies, music, or even websites that are in English (or have English subtitles–the music doesn’t have to be in English, though), please let us know.
Please remember that it should be appropriate for 6th grade students (11-year-old children, generally).

Do Something

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Doostane Farsi Zabane Man has been picked to be featured on as the Project of the Day tomorrow, August 21st! When you go to, it will be on the right side of the page partway down.

Opinion piece from the National Iranian-American Council

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Representative Sherman wants to help Ahmadinejad punish innocent Iranians


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Please sign this petition encouraging United States Congressmen to support SWIPA, the Stand With the Iranian People Act.

A few photos

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Business Plan

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We’ve been working on writing a business plan. It’s coming along, but rather slowly. Part of the problem is that all of the examples we see are very different from each other, so we’re a little confused about what ours should look like. Obviously, they can follow their own path, but we don’t know in which direction we want to go. It’s difficult, but we need to finish it soon. Then we just need to finish up the application for fiscal sponsorship from the Peace Development Fund.
داریم یه برنامه ی تجاری می نویسیم. خوب پیش می ره ولی یواش یواش. دلیلش هم به این برمی گرده که از یه طرف، نمونه هایی که جلو مونه خیلی با هم فرق می کنن. به خاطر همین هم یه کم گیج شدیم، مال ما چه شکلی باید باشه. ظاهرا باید هر کدوم سبک خودشو داشته باشه، ولی ما نمی دونیم چه راهی بهتره. سخته ولی لازمه هرچی زودتر تمومش کنیم. بعدش هم لازمه فرم تعهد مالی رو برای صندوق توسعه صلح پر کنیم.

Letters to the Iranian government

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I have received two letters written by an Iranian volunteer for the project that I am going to send to the Iranian government to ask for permission for the program. To be honest, my Farsi isn’t good enough to read them comprehensively, so I’ll have to ask exactly what they say. One is a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the other is to the Minister of Education. I need to give the writer of the letters some more information that he needs, but other than that, I think they’re almost ready to be sent out. I’m hoping to get positive replies, or any replies at all.

On the one hand, I’m trying to be optimistic. On the other hand, I’m not really expecting anything.

در رابطه با این پروژه که می خوام از دولت ایران برای اجرای پروژه اجازه بگیرم دونامه از یه داوطلب ایرانی به دستم رسید. راستش فارسیم اونقدر خوب نیست که بتونم دقیق بخونمشون. پس باید بپرسم دقیقا چی نوشته. یکی از نامه هام برای وزیر امور خارجه است و یکی دیگه برای وزیر آموزش و پرورش. باید به نویسنده ی نامه اطلاعات دقیق تری بدم. ولی در کل فکر کنم که نامه ها آماده ارسالند. امیدوارم بهم جواب مثبت بدن یا حد اقل اصلا یه جواب بدن.

Facebook group!

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We have both a Causes group and a Facebook group, now.

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